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Enjoy this selection of images that have been painted by Jeff Wendorff with Topaz Impression. Impression is a terrific program that allows me to paint without having any natural ability. All you need is this plugin and then let your inner Van Gogh go crazy!

Jeff teaches photography workshops including a class called The Art of Creative Photography. During the class you will learn all about digital manipulation and creating art from photography. You can Check it out on his Wildlife Workshops website.
Glacier Bay - Sea Lion HauloutLooking for Rivals - Bull ElkMadikwe - Bull ElephantWinter RoundupClydesdale in WinterDelft in TwilightSketchy Ridgeline CottonwoodsCliff Edge Cottonwood TreeKeukenhoff Tulips as ArtTree Peony RevisitedTulips in HollandA Mountain Jewel - Scintillant HummingbirdThe Bird and the Fish