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Jeff Wendorff's photography portfolio of Snow Leopards from the family Felidae.

The Snow Leopard (Panthera uncia or Uncia uncia) is a moderately large cat native to the mountain ranges of Central Asia. The classification of this species has been subject to change, and as of 2000, it is still classified as Uncia uncia by MSW3 and CITES Appendix I. However, with more recent genetic studies, the Snow Leopard is now generally considered as Panthera uncia and classified as such by IUCN. Classically, two subspecies have been attributed, but genetic differences between the two have not been settled. The Snow Leopard is listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as globally Endangered.

Snow Leopards occupy alpine and subalpine areas generally 3,350 to 6,700 metres (10,990 to 21,980 ft)[9] above sea level in Central Asia. McCarthy and Chapron (2003) compiled national snow leopard population estimates, updating the work of Fox (1994). Many of the estimates are acknowledged to be rough and out of date, but the total estimated population is 4,150–7,350. However, the global Snow Leopard effective population size (those likely to reproduce) is suspected to be fewer than 2,500 (50% of the total population, or 2,040–3,295).

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That Tail! - Snow Leopard (Juvenile)Lunging Snow Leopard (Juvenile) in the snowCliffside - Snow Leopard JuvenileI See You - Snow LeopardSnow Leopard PortraitWatch Out Below! - Snow LeopardRunning! Snow LeopardCATvalanche - Snow LeopardFlying Cat - Snow LeopardHit the Brakes - Snow LeoaprdRunning in the deep - Snow LeoaprdHillside Run - Snow LeopardSteep Descent - Snow LeopardLeaping Snow LeopardSnow Leopard running in powdery snow.Snow Leopard fully extension running in snow.Snow Leopard climbing a rock cliff faceSnow Leopard sitting in the snowSnow leopard head shot in winterSnarling Snow Leoaprd closeup