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Jeff Wendorff's photography portfolio of Monarch Flycatchers in the family, Monarchidae.

Monarch Flycatcher Wiki
The monarchs (family Monarchidae) comprise a family of over 100 passerine birds which includes shrikebills, paradise flycatchers, and magpie-larks.

Monarchids are small insectivorous songbirds with long tails. They inhabit forest or woodland across sub-Saharan Africa, south-east Asia, Australasia and some Pacific islands.

The monarchs are a diverse family of passerine birds that are arboreal (except the magpie-larks). They are mostly slim birds and possess broad bills. The bills of some species are quite large, and the heavy-set bills of the shrikebills are used to probe dead wood and leaves. The plumage of the family ranges from somber, such as the almost monochrome Black Monarch, to spectacular, as displayed by the Golden Monarch. The tails are long and spectacularly so in the Paradise Fycatchers in the genus Terpsiphone.

Monarch Flycatcher Species Photographed
African Paradise-flycatcher, Terpsiphone viridis

Collective Noun - Paradise Flycatcher
You can find the collective noun for all flycatchers in their gallery. The spectacular Paradise Flycatcher deserves it's own. I think that a group of Paradise Flycatchers should be a plume or an idyll.

Photography Workshops and Tours
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African Paradise-flycatcher in KenyaAfrican Paradise Flycatcher (Non-Breeding)African Paradise Flycatcher (Breeding Plumage)