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Broad-handed Leafcutter Bee pollenating in IllinoisOut on a limb - Broaded-handed Leefcutter BeeBrown-belted Bumble Bee and coneflwoer in IllinoisCuckoo Bee and Black-eyed SusanCuckoo Bee takes flightCuckoo Bee pollenating Black-eyed SusanHalictid Bee pollenating a thistleBlister Beetele pollenates and Black-eyed SusanComing in hot - Flower Longhorn beetle in FlightFlower Longhorn in Flight - IllinoisTwo Flower Longhorn Beetles race to the pollenFlower Longhorn Beetle iand Butterfly BushBEET-Flower-Lonhorn-Beetle-7114Golden Pollen Sheen - Flower Longhorn Beetle in flightHoney Bee pollenating Verbena Azul, Stachytarpheta cayennensisBee and ThistleBee and ThistleHoney Bee pollenating Verbena Azul, Stachytarpheta cayennensisHoney Bee pollenating a tree leaf budYellow-faced Bumblebee pollinating Lupine in Oregon