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Sandgrouse is the common name for Pteroclididae, a family of sixteen species of bird, members of the order Pteroclidiformes. They are traditionally placed in two genera. The two central Asian species are classified as Syrrhaptes and the other fourteen species, from Africa and Asia, are placed in the genus Pterocles. They are ground dwelling birds restricted to treeless, open country, such as plains, savannahs and semi-deserts. They are distributed across northern, southern and eastern Africa, Madagascar, the Middle East and India through to central Asia.
Black-faced Sandgrouse (Female) in KenyaChestnut-bellied Sandgrouse with chickYellow-throated Sandgrouse (Male)Yellow-throated Sandgrouse (Female)Yellow-throated Sandgrouse (Male)Yellow-throated Sandgrouse (Male) in Kenya