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Jeff Wendorff's photography portfolio of Thick-knees in the family, Burhinidae.

Thick-knees Wiki
The stone-curlews, also known as dikkops or thick-knees, consist of nine species within the family Burhinidae, and are found throughout the tropical and temperate parts of the world, with two species found in Australia.

Thick-knees are in the same class as "waders," but most species have a preference for arid or semi-arid habitats.

Thick-knee Species Photographed
Spotted Thick-knee, Burhinus capensis

Collective Noun - Thick-knees
The collective noun peeps have neglected to provide us with a name for a group of thick-knees. It's clear to me that an orthopod would be a great collective noun for the Thick-knees.

Photography Workshops and Tours
This family of birds is relatively difficult to come by with only a few species under the family umbrella, but join me in Kenya, and your odds are pretty good. Check out Wildlife Workshops for my next safari departure, and we'll see about finding a Thick-knee. It might be from the walk though!
Spotted Thick-knee on a nestSpotted Thick-knee in Kenya