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Jeff Wendorff's photography portfolio of Tundra Wolves - Gray Wolf from the family Canidae.

Tundra Wolf
The Alaskan Tundra Wolf (Canis lupus tundrarum) is a subspecies of the Gray Wolf, Canis lupus, that resides along the Arctic coast in Alaska.
It seems that this may no longer be named Tundra Wolves, but rather Northwestern Gray Wolf.

Gray Wolf or Tundra Wolf either way, they are among the many wildlife species that we photograph on my wildlife photography workshops. You can learn more about my workshops online at
Alert Young Wolf - Black & WhiteOn the Move (Pan Blur)  - Tundra WolfTundra Wolf scenting th trailWolf hunting on a frozen pondWolf on a forest trailNip and Run - Wold InteractionWolf Pack InteractionAGRESSION! - Tundra WolfBlack & White - Wolf  in WinterA very "wolfy" wolfFace to Face - Black WolfPeek-A-Boo Black WolfOut of the Birch - Black WolfA large wolf in winterCream colored Gray Wolf staring at the photographerGray Wolf on the canyon edge in the red rocksGray Wolf among the sagebrush in the UTAH desertGray Wolf in the red rocks of UtahCream colored Gray Wolf in a wintry birch forestCream colored Gray Wolf in winter