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Jeff Wendorff's bird photography portfolio of Clark's Nutcracker, Fish Crows, Northwestern Crows, and Western Jackdaws from the family, Corvidae.
Clark's Nutcracker, Nucifraga columbiana. Also Clark's Crow or Woodpecker CrowOverhead Fisch Crow in flightFish Crow, Corvus ossifragusFish Crow, Corvus ossifragusFish Crow, Corvus ossfragusFish Crow, Corvus ossifragusNorthwestern Crow, Corvus caurinusNorthwestern Crow, Corvus caurinusNorthwestern Crow calling - British ColumbiaPied Crow from KenyaPied Crow in flight over KenyaWestern Jackdaw (Corvus monedula), also known as the Eurasian Jackdaw, European Jackdaw or simply Jackdaw