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Jeff Wendorff's photography portfolio of seedeaters. Birds in the Thraupidae family.

Seedeater Wiki
The seedeaters are a form taxon of seed-eating passerine birds with a distinctively conical bill.
Most are Central and South American birds that were formerly placed in the American sparrow family (Emberizidae), but are now known to be tanagers (Thraupidae) closely related to Darwins finches. Indeed, some of the birds listed here seedeaters are closer to these "finches", while the more "true" seedeaters form a clade with some tanagers.
A few "atypical" seedeaters are closely related to certain tanagers, many of which (such as the flowerpiercers) have peculiarly adapted bills.

Seedeaters Photographed
Variable Seedeater, Sporophila corvina
White-collared Seedeater, Sporophila torqueola

Collective Noun
The collective noun for a group of seedeaters is the rather lame, eatery. How about the sort of lame, pod for their collective noun??

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Variable Seedeater (Male) in Costa RicaVariable Seedeater (Male) in Costa RicaVariable Seedeater (Female) in Panama eating grass seedsVariable Seedeater amongst the garden flowersVariable Seedeater (Male) in PanamaWhite-collared Seedeater (Female) in Costa Rica