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Agami Heron standing at attentionAmazon Kingfisher in the PantanalBoat-billed Heron in BrazilBlack-backed Water-Tyrant (Male) in BrazilBlack-capped Donacobius in BrazilBlack-crowned Tityra in BrazilBare-faced Curassow (Female) in the PantanalBare-faced Curassow preening in BrazilBare-faced Ibis in BrazilBlue Dacnis (Female) in BrazilBuff-necked Ibis in BrazilBlue-throated Piping-Guan - PantanalCapped Heron in BrazilChalk-browed Mockingbird palm tree perchChaco Chachalaca in the PantanalCliff Flycatcher in SAo Paulo BrazilLast Light - Cocoi Heron in BrazilFawn-breasted Wren in the PantanalGreen-and-rufous Kingfisher in the PantanalGreat Black Hawk  in Brazil