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Jeff Wendorff's bird photography portfolio of osprey from the family, Pandionidae
In your face - Osprey flying with nesting materialsOssprey Full extension in flightOn the nest - Osprey with ChickReady for flight - OspreyOsprey talons dagging the lakeWarning - Osprey showing dominace by dragging talons in the lakeOsprey having a drink from the lake in flightIn Flight Drinks - Osprey in FlightOsprey in flight with big catch - FloridaOsprey in Flight with prey - Blue Cypress LakeOsprey fling over Blue Cyress Lake with fishMorning light Osprey in flightFirst Light - OspreyOsprey in flight with huge streamer of mossAdult Osprey with chick - Warnng callMaiden Flight - Juvenile OspreyOsprey, Pandion haliaetus. Also known as Seahawk, Fish Hawk, and Fish Eagle.Diving Osprey in FloridaOsprey, Pandion haliaetus with Lookdown Fish, Selene vomerOsprey, Pandion haliaetus