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Large (Gros) beaks are the identifying characteristic of the group of birds called Grosbeaks. They fall into two different families, but to make them easy to find, I placed both the Cardinal (Cardinalidae) and Finch (Fringillidae) families together.

The Evening Grosbeak is part of the Finch family, and the Blue Grosbeak, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and Black-hooded Grosbeak are in the Cardinal Family.

The collective noun for a group of Grosbeaks is a "Gross" and that my friend is a gross collective noun! When I am in charge of such things as collective nouns, it will be changed to a "Bill"!

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Female Black-heaed GrosbeakFemale Black-heaed Grosbeak in the pinesMale Black-headed GrosbeakFemale Black-heaed Grosbeak - Mossy BranchMale Black-headed GrosbeakPerch Dispute - Black-heaeded GrosbeakMale Black-headed GrosbeakBlue Grosebeak (Male) in flight.Lichen covered perch - Male Blue GrosbeakBlue Grosbeak (Male) PortraitOn the move - Blue GrosbeakMale Blue Grosbeak taking flight.By the water - Blue GrosbeakReflection - Blue GrosbeakNorthern Cardinal and Blue Grosbeak having a meeting.Tribal Tatoo?  Blue Grosbeak (Male) in a shadowBlue Grosbeak, Guiraca caeruleaBlue Grosbeak, Passerina caeruleaBlue Grosbeak, Passerina caeruleaBlue Grosbeak, Passerina caerulea