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Jeff Wendorff's photography gallery of Cisticola from the family, Cisticolidae.

Cisticola Wiki
The Cisticolas are part of a family of small passerine birds is a group of about 110 warblers found mainly in warmer southern regions of the Old World. They are often included within the Old World warbler family Sylviidae.

This family probably originated in Africa, which has the majority of species, but there are representatives of the family across tropical Asia into Australasia, and one species, the zitting cisticola, even breeds in Europe.

Cisticola are generally very small birds of drab brown or grey appearance found in open country such as grassland or scrub. They are often difficult to see and many species are similar in appearance, so the song is often the best identification guide.

Cisticola Photographed
Black-chested Prinia, Prinia flavicans
Grey-backed Camaropteras, Camaroptera brevicaudata
Levaillant's Cisticola, Cisticola tinniens
Rattling Cisticola, Cisticola chiniana
Stout Cisticola, Cisticola robustus

Collective Noun - Cisticola
No Surprise that I could not find and official collective noun. Given the difficulty in identifying these drab birds, I think annoyance should be their name.

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Stout Cisticola in KenyaRattling Cisticola in KenyaRattling Cisticola in flight, KenyaRattling Cisticola singing in KenyaLevaillant's Cisticola in South AfricaGrey-backed Camaropteras in TanzaniaBlack-chested Prinia in South Africa