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JeffWendorff's bird photography portfolio includes the Caracaras in the family, Falconidae.

Cararcara Wiki
Caracara, also called carrion hawk, any of about 10 species of birds of prey of the New World subfamily Polyborinae (or Daptriinae) of the family Falconidae. Caracaras feed largely on carrion, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Unlike the falcons in the same family, caracara are not fast-flying aerial hunters, but are comparatively slow and are often scavengers They are gregarious and aggressive. In spite of their smaller size, they dominate vultures when feeding.
Caracaras are recognized by their long legs and by the reddish naked skin of the cheeks and throat. They range in size from 40 to 60 cm (16 to 24 inches) long.

Crested Caracara
A tropical falcon version of a vulture, the Crested Caracara reaches the United States only in Arizona, Texas, and Florida. It is a bird of open country, where it often is seen at carrion with vultures. A common subject of folklore and legends throughout Central and South America, the Crested Caracara is sometimes referred to as the "Mexican Eagle."

Yellow-headed Caracara
The Yellow-headed Caracara is omnivorous, and will eat reptiles, amphibians and other small animals as well as carrion. It will also take ticks from cattle, and is locally called "tickbird". The Yellow-headed Caracara has benefited from forest clearing for cattle ranching. It adapts readily to urban areas it is among the most commonly seen bird of prey in Latin American cities. ås a result of the increased urban sprawl, Yellow-headed Caracara pairs are frequently seen along the rooftops in suburban neighborhoods.

Collective Noun - Caracara
Most people apply the collective nouns for falcons to the Caracara, but they act more like vultures, so let's use a wake for the collective noun.

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Adult Crested Caracara in TexasMated Pair - Crested CaracaraSquawking - Crested CaracaraAlert - Crested CaracaraReady to fly - Crested CaracaraMale Crested Caracara in flightInterloper - Crested CaracaraAt Attention - Crested CaracaraCrested Caracara in flight, TexasJuvenile Crested CaracaraAll puffed up and displaying - Crested CaracaraTouchdown! - Crested CaracaraFull wingspan flight - Crested CaracaraPeeking at the photographer on approach - Crested CaracaraCurious Crested CaracaraArrival - Crested CaracaraCloseup - Crested CaracaraTight and Ready to fly - Crested CaracaraCrested Caracara PortraitCrested Caracara Portrait