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Jeff Wendorff's photographs of Anhingas and Darters in the family Anhigidae.

The Anhinga (/ænˈhɪŋɡə/; Anhinga anhinga), sometimes called Snakebird, Darter, American Darter, or Water Turkey, is a water bird of the warmer parts of the Americas. The word Anhinga comes from the Brazilian Tupi language and means devil bird or snake bird. When swimming the origin of the name snakebird is apparent: only the colored neck appears above water so the bird looks like a snake ready to strike. They do not have external nares (nostrils) and breathe solely through their epiglottis.

The Anhinga is placed in the darter family, Anhingidae, and is closely related to Indian (Anhinga melanogaster), African (A. rufa), and Australian (A. novaehollandiae) darters. Like other darters, the anhinga hunts by spearing fishes and other small prey using its sharp, slender beak.

There does not appear to be an official collective noun for the Anhinga. I think a "Spear" is a perfect name and an homage to the way they capture their prey.

I lead photography workshops around the globe and the Anhinga is certainly a bird species that might see. Check out
Photo of an AnhingaAfrican Darter in KenyaPhoto of an AnhingaPhoto of an AnhingaPhoto of an AnhingaPhoto of an AnhingaPhoto of an AnhingaPhoto of an AnhingaPhoto of an AnhingaAnhnga (Malle) in flight