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Jeff Wendorff's portfolio of Bat-eared Fox photography from the genus Otocyon. They are distantly related to the Red Fox.

The Bat-eared Fox (Otocyon megalotis) is a species of fox found on the African savanna, named for its radar-like ears. Surprisingly the primary purpose of their ears is to control their body temperature.

The Bat-eared Fox had several names including Big-eared Fox, Black-eared Fox, Cape Fox, and Delalande’s Fox. It is the only species in the genus Otocyon. The name Otocyon is from the Greek words otus meaning ear and "cyon" meaning dog, while the specific name megalotis comes from the Greek words mega for large and otus meaning ear.

In the more northern areas of its range (around Serengeti), they are nocturnal 85% of the time. However, around South Africa, they are nocturnal only in the summer and diurnal during the winter.

Bat-eared foxes are highly social animals. They often live in pairs or groups of up to 15 individuals. Individuals forage, play and rest together in a group, which helps in protection against predators.

We do occasionally see the Bat-eared Fox while on Safari, but is it pretty rare to see them in good light. I've found that when they have babies, they are most often to be seen out of the den. Always a good thing for a photographer. Be sure to check out my photography workshop site for details on my next Safari at Wildlife Workshops.
Bat-eared Fox Family at the DenBEFOwendorff001Bat-eared Fox Kit - Masai Mara