Painting pictures and creating art from my photographs is not all that complex and I find it to be a very rewarding aspect of my photography.

I run the full spectrum from realistic to abstract and beyond. Blurs, montages, paintings, fractals and more are all created in my digital art studio using my photography. I used to be shy about calling these images art because I didn't feel that the level of skill was anywhere near what a real painter could do. I still feel that way, but a painter friend of mine said if I create it regardless of how, it's still art and a painting...own it! So, I am going to go with that and I continue to make art from photography!

If you would like to lear more about how I create this art, you can find several articles on my blog,

An even better idea is to join one of my Art of Creative Photography Workshops at If you don't see a date that works send me an email and perhaps we can work something out!
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