I am a full time professional outdoor and wildlife photographer and workshop leader. For the past 10 years I have been leading my own workshops, PAW workshops, and assisting David Middleton on workshops from coast to coast. My work has been published widely — from calendars and magazines to cans of cat food in China!

I believe it is important to have fun while learning, serious fun, so be prepared to enjoy yourself when you are with me. We all learn more when we are enjoying ourselves, and my goal is to help you learn as much as possible. I teach in the traditional workshop mold. In other words, I am there to teach you and to make sure you have a great experience. My job is to ensure participants get the attention they want, make some images they love, and leave knowing more than when they arrived. Not only that, we will all have big fun while achieving those goals.

I’ve photographed at all of my workshop locations many times and know the best spots and the special tricks that you’ll need to know to get the most out of the workshop. Generally, we photograph during the soft light of morning and evening, and then fill in the rest of the day with critiques and other classroom activities. I leave plenty of independent time for downloads, one-on-one help, and napping as needed! I’ve been on too many workshops where the leader took more pictures than I did, where I never saw the “leader” except at cocktail time, or where I’d been to the location more often than the leader. Rest assured that none of those things happen on my watch.

Once again, my job is to teach, not to photograph while I am with you. I may be seen behind the scenes with my camera and I may snap some images. I usually am trying to capture some shots for teaching or for marketing the workshop for the next time. At no time am I not paying attention to you and your photography. As an instructor, I pledge my time to help you get the shots that I would be taking if I were behind your tripod. I feel so strongly about this commitment to you that I offer a full refund to anyone who feels that teaching was not the priority of the workshop. I am happy to say, I have never had to write that check!

Please email me if you have questions about my workshops and my philosophy. I am also happy to put you in touch with previous clients.